N-Lite Laser for Wrinkle, Vein and Acne Treatments

Advancements in laser technology have yielded a multitude of laser treatment options for various skin conditions. N-Lite laser treatment, introduced in 2003, offers a non-surgical cosmetic procedure for visible skin irregularities, such as wrinkles, veins and acne. N-Lite is performed by the plastic surgeons or physician assistants at the Lombardi Plastic Surgery Center in NJ to deliver younger-looking, smoother skin.

N-Lite laser treatment was originally used to treat wrinkles but is now widely known as the preferred treatment for acne scars. N-Lite laser can also be used to replenish collagen, the natural fibrous protein responsible for the skin's health, functionality and appearance. By stimulating collagen growth, N-Lite laser treatment is used as a preventative anti-aging treatment rather than just a corrective treatment, since collagen helps maintain the skin's youthfulness and vibrancy.

How the N-Lite Laser Works

The N-Lite Laser is a Pulse Dye Laser which emits a wavelength of yellow laser light using a patented technology called: Smartpulse. The Smartpulse yellow laser light targets the small blood vessels beneath the skin's surface. The small blood vessels absorb the heat of the laser while the surrounding tissues and surface skin cells are unaffected. The N-Lite Laser stimulates the body's natural collagen production and effectively kills the bacteria that cause acne. N-Lite treatments can heal current acne blemishes and can prevent further acne outbreaks. N-Lite can also treat fine lines and wrinkles, port wine stains, Rosacea and other vascular lesions.

What to Expect During an N-Lite Laser Treatment

N-Lite Laser sessions can take 15 minutes to an hour depending on the treatment area. The special laser wand is passed over the affected area containing the acne lesions or wrinkles. Patients usually feel a warm sensation as the wand passes over the treatment area; some patients report a sting or pricking feeling as the Smartpulse emits the yellow laser light, but treatment sessions are painless and require no anesthesia.

Another advantage of N-Lite laser therapy is that there is virtually no downtime. Most patients require no recovery time after their treatment and are able to apply make up and return to their daily activities immediately. On rare occasions some patients experience swelling, bruising or slight blistering after treatment and this can be easily remedied with an ice compress.

If you are considering N-Lite Laser therapy let one of the experienced plastic surgeons or physician assistants at the Lombardi Plastic Surgery Center in NJ review the procedure with you and help you make an informed decision.

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