3D Microblading

Eyebrows are one of the most important facial features one can have but not everyone is lucky enough to have beautiful, thick, long brows. Day after day, people will pencil their eyebrows in or even go as far as tattooing them, leaving unhappy with their result. Fear no more...The Lombardi Plastic Surgery center is now offering the latest, life changing solution...3D Microblading!

3D Microblading uses an "all by hand technique" to give your eyebrows that natural, feathered look. No more penciling your eyebrows in the morning or washing them off at night! Our highly trained Microblading technician will match your eyebrow color and leave you with brows you always should have had ...natural, thick and beautiful.

Call the Lombardi Plastic Surgery Center to schedule a consultation with our licensed Microblading technician, Tracy Yuhas.